Grandparent Visitation And Custody

Divorce and family law issues don't just affect parents and spouses; they can also affect the relationship that grandparents have with their grandchildren. At Epperson Law PLLC, our attorneys have a wealth of experience helping families through difficult legal issues with a focus on protecting children and the relationships that children need to thrive. If you are a grandparent who needs to enforce visitation or needs to establish custody of your grandchildren, we can help.

Grandparents Have Rights, Too

We help grandparents get visitation rights to their grandchildren. If there is a pending custody case between mom and dad and the grandparents have been a big part of the children's lives, grandparents have a right to request visitation with their grandchildren.

We'll Work To Preserve Family Relationships

There are many instances where grandparents are the primary caretakers of their grandchildren. If you are already caring for your grandchildren, it is important to have the legal rights necessary to protect them. You have the grounds to request the court grant you custody so you are able to act in their best interests. In particular, you should have the ability to make major decisions regarding your grandchildren education, health and religion.

Contact A Charlotte Grandparents' Visitation Lawyer

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