Weddington Protection Order Lawyer

What You Need To Know About Orders Of Protection

There is a range of concerns that you may face as you proceed with the divorce process. While many issues can only be resolved through negotiation, mediation or trial, there are certain rights you may invoke immediately to protect yourself, your children and your marital estate.

When you work with Epperson Law PLLC, our lawyers can help you obtain an order of protection to safeguard you and your family against domestic violence or your spouse's reckless or malicious spending of marital assets. Our law firm, with offices in Boone and Weddington, North Carolina, has a dedicated focus on family law. Our attorneys have a quarter-century of experience protecting the people who need it most.

Orders of protection against domestic violence: Regardless of whether your spouse has a history of abuse toward your family members or has made threatening remarks without action, our law firm can help. A restraining order, or order of protection, can ensure the physical safety of you and your children during the divorce process and after your final divorce order. As lawyers, we understand the serious concerns that our clients have about issues in domestic abuse, and we are prepared to take swift and aggressive legal actions to protect you.

Protective order for property during divorce process: Sometimes during a legal separation or the process of divorce, one spouse may try to "spend down" financial accounts or sell off marital assets. Often the reasons are vindictive, while other times there may be a legitimate need. However, regardless of an individual's motives, your financial position may be compromised irreversibly. If you have concerns about your spouse unfairly harming your marital estate, our law firm can help you obtain a protective order to place a legal restriction on spending money, selling property or hiding assets.

Work With An Experienced, Committed Attorney

You need to find an attorney who will treat legal issues involving your family with the utmost care and dedication. As Weddington protection order attorneys, we understand what is at stake in your life and will work to provide the skilled representation that you need. Contact our law firm at 704-288-1359 to discuss your matter.