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What are grandparents’ rights in North Carolina?

The issue of child custody often becomes the primary struggle between couples in Charlotte divorce cases. Yet if settling on an acceptable child custody agreement between two divorcing parents can be difficult, imagine how much more so it can be when grandparents become involved. Many grandparents become concerned that the end of the children’s marriages could potentially signal an end to relationships with their grandchildren. However, those grandparents who are concerned about this happening may be relieved to know that they too are granted some child custody rights during the divorce process.

Unmarried couples and cohabitation agreements

Changes in societal norms in recent years have been felt across all facets of life in Charlotte. This includes marriage, where changing philosophies have presented a growing number or new challenges to the field of family law. One such change has been an increase in the number of couples choosing to cohabitate rather than marry. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 6.8 million unmarried couples living together in 2010. These couples will often share the same familial experiences as their married counterparts, as well as the same challenges should they ever choose to separate.

Appropriately asking for a prenup

Far too many people have come to see us here at the offices of Epperson Law facing the potential of losing a good portion of the assets they’ve worked so hard to earn simply because they couldn’t stomach asking their partner for a prenuptial agreement. However, if done appropriately, there may be a way for Charlotte couples to broach the subject of signing a prenup without it devolving into an argument that threatens to doom a marriage before it even begins. We’ll examine how in this post.  

What is imputed income?

When couples in Charlotte choose to divorce, it’s not uncommon to see the negative feelings that they feel for each other spill over into their subsequent divorce proceedings and beyond. Child support can be a particularly sensitive issue among divorced couples. Obligated parents may often allow the poor relationships that they have with their ex-spouses to influence them to shirk their responsibilities. While this may not mean flatly refusing to pay, some may try to cleverly find ways out of their obligations.

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