Protection And Resolution In Same-Sex Divorce

Effective Representation For LGBT Divorce And Separation

LGBT and same-sex divorce should be handled by attorneys who are familiar with resolving the unique issues faced in same-sex family law cases. Even though same-sex marriage is legal, divorce brings up many complex considerations, especially in the realm of child custody and child support agreements.

When you divorce, North Carolina courts will only allow you to finalize agreements in the best interests of your children and as fairly as possible, with respect to each spouse. Of course, there are exceptions, and you need a determined lawyer to protect your interests.

Many people think they do not need a lawyer to dissolve a domestic partnership agreement, cohabitation agreement, tenancy agreement or even a divorce. But once complex and contentious issues of property, debt and child custody arise, most realize the need for effective representation and dispute resolution experience.

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At Epperson Law PLLC, we will guide you through the process, customize your strategies, enable informed decision-making, protect your rights, advocate for your goals and shield your children from the legal process. Our attorneys each bring 24 years of legal experience to your case, including a strong focus on family law resolutions and several years as U.S. Military JAG Corps officers.

Our team is also fully equipped to help you manage matters related to family law, including estate planning, real estate matters and business law concerns. We will help you create a life plan.

Unique Concerns In LGBT And Same-Sex Cases

Estate Planning

Divorce means that you will have to modify your estate plan, including wills, powers of attorney, health care proxies, partnership agreements, trusts, life insurance and guardians for minor children. Prior to same-sex marriage legalization, many couples had to solidify rights through estate plans and domestic partnership agreements. This complex series of contracts must be unwound and pieced back together separately when you divorce.

Real Estate And Property Ownership

Another contract unique to many LGBT couples is the joint tenancy of real estate. Your marital home and other real estate investments will have to be part of your equitable distribution of property plan. The courts try their best to make these distribution agreements fair, but you really need a lawyer to be your advocate.

Your agreement will also involve marital debts, retirement accounts, inheritance, other property and other investments. Additionally, the alimony award, child support payments, contributions to the marriage and each individual asset will also be factors in your property distribution plan. We will protect your rights and interests in the valuation and distribution of all property.

Child Custody And Parenting Plans

If you are not the biological parent of your child, custody may be a very serious concern. If just one parent legally adopted a child, the other parent will not have custody rights. If you are married and legally adopted your child together, your custody rights will be the same as a heterosexual couple's rights.

It is crucial to address your child custody, parenting plan and child support concerns with an experienced family law attorney. We will help you achieve your goals in your children's best interests while working to shield them from the legal process and protect their safety.

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