Modifying Divorce Orders In North Carolina

Even after a divorce is finalized, there may still be opportunities to amend certain aspects of the agreement. With the exception of the division of property ruling, most portions of the final divorce agreement may be modified, including:

The 'Substantial Change Of Circumstances' Requirement

For a court to consider your request to modify a court order, you will need to show that you or your ex-spouse has had a substantial change of circumstances. Common reasons for individuals to seek post-decree modifications include:

  • Significant change in income, which may allow for alimony or child support modification
  • One parent requests to move out of state or country, which may allow for custody and parenting plan modification
  • Onset of a substance abuse problem with alcohol or drugs, which may allow for custody and parenting plan modification
  • Recovery from substance abuse issues, which may allow for custody and parenting plan modification
  • Significant change in the medical, emotional, financial or educational needs of a child, which may allow for custody, support and parenting plan modification

At Epperson Law PLLC, we represent both claimants and respondents in modification actions. Each of our lawyers has 24 years of legal experience, including several years as U.S. Military JAG Corps officers and child advocates. They are trial lawyers who understand how to promote your modification goals, protect your children and protect your rights.

Whether you seek to change the terms of your divorce order or to defend against such an action, we are here to help you and are responsive 24/7.

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