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Woman discusses how her domestic violence cycle finally ended

Domestic violence is a serious problem that plagues our society today but many victims are afraid to come forward. National statistics show that it is not uncommon for abusive relationships to end in violence. If you are the victim of violence from a spouse or partner, it is important to take legal action in order to put a stop to the abuse before it escalates further.

A former victim of domestic violence recently spoke out about her experiences. This woman's abuse ended with the death of her husband and her story echoes many of the things that other victims go through. Her story starts after their marriage when her husband changed in his attitude towards her. He abused her sexually, accused her of infidelity and kept her away from friends and family. He was not the perfect boyfriend she thought she had known.

After three years of the abuse, she ran, taking their son with her. By then the emotional abuse had elevated to physical abuse during a fight and she worried for the safety of her child. The abuse, however, did not stop with her departure. Her parents' lives were threatened and she was the victim of stalking for the next 10 years before the man died.

The story seems to indicate that this woman spent those years in hiding from her husband, emphasizing the reluctance that victims have to get legal help. However, her story can help victims of abuse realize that they are not alone and it is time for them to speak up and get legal representation to preserve their rights.

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