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Olympic skier Bode Miller in custody battle over 9-month-old son

No two child custody cases in Ballantyne, North Carolina are exactly the same. There are a variety of factors that judges look at when determining who will be awarded custody. A big one of these is stability. This includes being stable financially, psychologically and physically. Raising a child is a big responsibility, and if a parent has a hard time getting his or her act together, a judge may not look too favorably on that person.

A child custody battle has ensued between Olympic skier Bode Miller and his former girlfriend Sara McKenna recently. The two reportedly met on an online dating service and McKenna became pregnant with the baby who is now 9-months-old. She claims that despite Miller wanting her to get an abortion, she chose to carry out the pregnancy. She moved to New York from California while she was pregnant in order to attend school.

Miller was awarded temporary custody of the baby earlier this year and has since been traveling around the world with his new wife and son. McKenna has fought to get the boy back, and was recently awarded temporary custody of the baby until their next appearance when a permanent custody arrangement will be decided.

If you are in a custody battle for your children, you certainly do not want to try to go it alone. You would be well advised to consult with an experienced family law attorney who can review your case and may be able to give you the best chance for winning custody of your child or children.

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