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Divorce process underway for race car driver Danica Patrick

While divorce is never an easy decision for a couple to make, sometimes there is just no other answer. Unfortunately, while a couple may be amicably separating, emotions can rise when it comes to property division and a nice and easy process can suddenly become a lot more complicated. This can often occur in a high-asset divorce with a prenuptial agreement in place, depending on the length of time that the couple has been married for.

Many people in Monroe are race fans and thus familiar with the decision of Danica Patrick to divorce her husband of seven years. Now Patrick has started the divorce process with an official court filing asking for a divorce. She is asking for no alimony and is not contesting the prenuptial agreement that she and her husband entered into.

In the filing, Patrick claims that the marriage is beyond repair. A settlement agreement is expected that will lay out the division of the couple's community property. It is not known what that community property is.

Since there are no children from the marriage, this appears to be a relatively uncomplicated legal proceeding. Patrick's husband has not yet filed a response to the legal divorce filing and it is unknown whether he intends to make his own claims in relation to the community property and the prenuptial agreement.

A couple can put a legal end to their relationship by keeping emotions in check, as Patrick and her husband appear to be doing. With the help of experienced attorneys, spouses can make decisions relating to assets, children, and monetary support in a straightforward manner.

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