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International adoption saves life of one little girl

When people in North Carolina and other states decide to adopt a child, they generally want a baby that is healthy and strong. Often, they search for a birth mother who is still pregnant and joyfully await the arrival of their future son or daughter. Family law attorneys ensure that the transfer of parental custody is legal and that all laws related to birth parents are followed.

One family, however, has opened their hearts and their homes to a little girl who was born in another country, giving her a new life. The couple already had two sons but decided that they wanted a daughter. They decided to go through the adoption process to complete their family.

The little girl had been abandoned. Furthermore, she also had serious health issues, which meant that her life was in danger. Without someone to step in and adopt her, it was unlikely that she would reach her teen years. Her young life changed when she met her adoptive parents in December 2010. Now, two years later, this little 5-year-old girl has undergone two open heart surgeries and will have to undergo more surgery, but her future is happy and bright.

Adoption can be a rewarding choice, as illustrated by this story, but it is important to make sure that all of the legalities are properly taken care of. Couples and single parents in North Carolina can consult with a family law attorney to protect themselves in the case that a birth mother changes her mind or that a birth father suddenly appears. International adoptions can be even more complex, but with an attorney, adoptive parents can work to ensure that all the requirements have been met and put their focus on their new son or daughter.

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