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Charlotte firefighter faces domestic violence charges

People often think that how they handle themselves in the privacy of their own homes has no effect on their public perception or social status. However, what goes on behind closed doors all too often has a tendency to spill out into the public eye.

This is especially true with domestic violence, where what may start as a simple disagreement between a couple will often escalate into a full-blown assault in clear view of friends and neighbors. Those charged with domestic violence may soon find out that what they consider to be their private business can have a very negative effect on their public lives.

A Gastonia man appears to be currently learning this lesson the hard way. He was recently arrested on domestic violence charges after assaulting a woman. The attack left the woman with multiple injuries from being punched, strangled, and dragged around the house that the two shared.

Compounding the charges against him is that police allege that the man threatened to kill the woman if she called for help and that some of the attack was witnessed by a 2-year-old child. The man’s relationships with the woman and the child have not been reported. Aside from the assault charges pending against him, the man also now risks losing his job as a Charlotte firefighter; until the court case is decided, he has been placed on leave by the Charlotte Fire Department.

Domestic violence is a very serious matter that too often works itself out in a very public forum. It can drastically alter the lives of both the abuser and the abused. Anyone seeking help to end a violent relationship or who has been accused of domestic violence may want to consult with an attorney who has experience in handling these types of cases.

Source: Source: The Gaston Gazette “Gaston arrest leads to administrative duty for Charlotte firefighter” July 22, 2013