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Hefty child support balance owed by South Carolina father

Children are often the real victims of divorce, losing the security of having both biological parents in the same home and often being used as pawns in the dispute between former spouses. Aside from the emotional trauma is the issue of their financial security in the future. To help ease those concerns, the non-custodial parent is typically required to pay child support to cover health and child care costs. A child support obligation is taken very seriously by the courts, and failure to meet that obligation can be met with serious penalties.

A South Carolina man is learning this lesson first hand as he is currently wanted by the local authorities for missing over $58,000 in child support payments. Details of how long he's neglected to pay the child support obligation have not been released, nor has it been made known how long police have been searching for him. He is currently considered a fugitive and law enforcement has asked the community for help.

The payment of child support is a court ordered agreement and should not be taken lightly. There are circumstances where a child support obligation amount can be reviewed by the court if the parent who is paying the support experiences a change that drastically limits his or her ability to pay. However, if the payment is not being made, the parent who receives the money for the child can ask the court to help enforce the child support agreement. In either case, it’s recommended that the parties involved enlist the help of a child support attorney to help make sure the financial demands are met in a manner agreeable to both sides.

Source: WISTV-10 “Man wanted for failing to pay over $58K in child support” Jason Old, July 8, 2013