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Child support collection scheme extended into North Carolina

When parents in Ballantyne go through a divorce or child support dispute, one parent will generally make payments to the other. Often, the parent making the monthly payments will use a state system which tracks the amount paid and the date it was paid on. There may be multiple agencies that handle child support enforcement and it is important for support-paying parents to make sure that the company or agency they are working with is legitimate.

At least one parent in North Carolina found this out the hard way when they were the victim of a company based out of Georgia which used multiple names. Apparently the company posed in several states, giving the impression that they were an official state or local agency while in reality, they were really a private company. The company ran their scheme, taking advantage of custodial parents and support-paying parents alike.

Victims of the scheme were charged fees and were subjected to intimidation, threats and coercion at the hands of the company. To cover their tracks, the company set up local numbers and addresses to give the impression of being located in that area. The company obtained the contact information of their victims from the internet, court records and other sources.

It may be a good idea for parents, therefore, to use an attorney to draft child support agreements that stipulate where and how the payment is to be paid. The attorney might be able to provide information about legitimate state and local child support collection agencies and provide other useful information. With a legal agreement in place, parents may be able to protect themselves from being the victim of a fraudulent company.

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