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Country star, Jason Aldean, asks for privacy during divorce

People who find success in the music or movie industry often have to deal with paparazzi and the curiosity of their fans. However, when a celebrity is going through a divorce, the attention from the media can be overwhelming. When the typical couple in Ballantyne approaches the end of a marriage, there can be a mixture of feelings that each spouse goes through. While it may be hard for them to deal with their emotions with the curiosity of friends and family, being a public figure can magnify that experience since everyone knows, or assumes to know, what is going on.

This is likely why Jason Aldean, a country music singer, is asking for privacy from the public and the media as he goes through a divorce from his wife, whom he has known since a teenager. Aldean has given no reason for the decision but the couple did recently separate after 11 years of marriage. Some rumors may say that the divorce is a result of an indiscretion Aldean admitted to but the singer has also pointed out that he and his wife have had problems before.

Since the two spouses have known each other for such a long time, this could turn into a high asset divorce since they likely have several properties and the proceeds from his music to divide. It is unknown whether the couple had any prenuptial agreement.

Any divorce can be a difficult process to go through and it can become more complicated if the couple cannot come to an agreement on issues like property, custody, and support. However, an attorney, experienced in family law, can help a spouse preserve their rights and make the process a little easier.

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