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North Carolina bill addresses foreign laws in the courtroom

When a child custody case comes before a judge in Ballantyne, the judge must apply state and federal laws in deciding what the best decision is for that child. The judge must examine the parents’ relationship with children, the home environment the children live in, and if there are any special circumstances such as domestic violence or substance abuse. All of these factors must be considered in order to make a ruling that is in the best interests of the child.

A North Carolina bill seeks to prevent a child custody dispute becoming more complicated by a parent trying to use foreign laws in their arguments. While there is no known instance of this occurring in a North Carolina courtroom, there are some that are worried it could happen. Such laws have been passed in other states and this bill is considered important by supporters as laws from other countries and religions are said to violate Americans’ constitutional rights.

Opposers to the bill say that such a law is unnecessary and a waste of time while supporters argue the opposite. The bill, if passed, prevents a judge from making a decision in a child custody case or in a domestic violence case on laws other than those passed in America.

Abusing or preventing a parent from having contact with their children based solely on a religious or foreign nation’s law goes against the freedoms promoted by this country and can put someone in a potentially dangerous situation. Lawmakers should consider the possibility of this occurring since many religions and cultures are being given precedence in some cases of law and some of these laws deny women and children basic rights.

Source: The Christian Post, “Bill Banning 'Foreign Law' Passes North Carolina House,” Katherine Weber, May 16, 2013