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North Carolina Domestic violence murders raise concern

It is a well-known fact that domestic violence in Ballantyne comes in many forms. Some are victims of online stalking, living in fear of someone they may have been once romantically linked with. Others may still be in a domestic violence situation within the walls of their home, subjected to physical, emotional, mental, or sexual abuse. For some victims, sadly the violence escalates until their abuser finally murders them in a fit of rage.

In 2012, North Carolina saw an increase in domestic violence murders, showing that it is a big problem within the state. One former victim of domestic violence says it is important for victims to leave their abuser but also admits that many are simply too scared to leave. One woman left her abusive husband after the physical abuse turned to verbal threats against her life, but many choose to stay.

The largest increase in domestic violence murders since 2008, 44 of the 122 people killed at the hands of their abuser last year were men, indicating that while traditionally domestic violence has been associated with women, men are increasingly becoming victims. The reason for the sudden increase was unknown and it was also unknown what measures the state and law enforcement agencies might be taking to address the problem.

When a person is a victim of spousal abuse it is important for their friends and family to encourage them to get help and seek help for them on their behalf. There are legal options available to provide protection to these victims and an experienced attorney may be of great assistance in dealing with an abusive situation.


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