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North Carolina man jailed for violating domestic violence order

Once a person in Ballantyne engages in violent behavior against a spouse or family member, it is usually the beginning of a pattern of abuse. Sometimes the violence comes in the form of emotional abuse, physical abuse or mental abuse and it is not uncommon for the abuser to abuse other family members. When domestic problems occur, victims or even potential victims may be able to get a protective order issued against the abuser.

One woman in Nags Head took that action against her brother, who has a long history of domestic violence incidents. The woman told a judge that she was afraid of him and that he had threatened her. It is unknown what kind of threats he allegedly made against her. The brother had been living in her home for three years.

The man has a documented history of domestic violence and was found responsible for the death of his third wife, who was shot. An inquest by the coroner determined that she did not commit suicide, as he tried to claim. However, he was never criminally tried for the woman’s death. Now he is in jail for disobeying the protective order; it is unknown in what way he violated it. The sister committed suicide after he was released.

When someone is threatened with a weapon or is the victim of abuse, they should do everything they can to protect themselves and any children in the home. Speaking with an experienced attorney can provide the victim with immediate legal support and show them what their options are.

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