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Mother charged after attempting to take child away from father

It is unfortunate that many child custody cases in Ballantyne, North Carolina become bitter. It is not unusual to hear about a parent using a child as leverage or as a way to get back at an ex. When this occurs, the parent is obviously not thinking about the best interest of the child.

This seems to be the case for a mother who tried to take her 2-year-old child without authorization to do so from the child’s father recently. The 35-year-old mother and a 50-year-old man forced their way into his house. Despite the fact that the father was holding the boy, the two used a stun gun on him before taking the child, getting into their vehicle and driving off.

The ex-husband of a neighbor saw the incident and tried to stop the couple. The man, who had a valid weapons permit, went into his ex-wife’s home, got his gun and shot at the vehicle’s tires in order to deflate them. The two were able to get away and drove to the sheriff’s office.

After authorities determined the mother did not have custody of the child, he was returned to the care of his father. The mother was charged with child endangerment, conspiracy to commit first degree burglary and conspiracy to go armed with intent. She was booked into jail while authorities continue to investigate the incident.

If you are facing a child custody battle with the parent of your child, you may wish to consult with an attorney experienced in family law.

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