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The dangers of introducing guns into abusive marriages

There are currently countless men and women both in Charlotte and across the country who are suffering abuse at the hands of their spouses. Many will often resign themselves to dealing with such abuse thinking that even though their spouses have shown a propensity for violence, the abuse will never reach a level that could endanger their lives. Sadly, many find out that this isn’t the case. The precursor to many domestic violence fatalities is often the decision by the abuser to buy a gun. According to a report by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the risk of being killed by a spouse or intimate partner who owns a gun is 20 times higher when there has been physical abuse in the relationship in the past. In this post, we’ll examine what one should do if his or her abuser buys a gun.

Domestic violence is often associated with crimes of passion, where the perpetrator is often said to have lost control under a moment of emotional stress. Where he or she has already demonstrated such a tendency, one shouldn’t assume that he or she wouldn’t use a newly-acquired gun in the next attack. Thus, the introduction of gun into an abusive marriage may be viewed as a sign for the victim to justly fear for his or her life. If he or she makes the decision to leave, here are some steps that should be followed:

  • Be aware of where the gun is at all times, and flee any situation where the abuser may go for it
  • Immediately file for a protective or restraining order upon leaving
  • Alert the judge presiding over the hearing that the accused abuser owns a gun

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