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Man convicted of domestic violence offenses

Being the victim of violence in North Carolina can be extremely damaging to a person’s psyche. This can be especially true for victims of domestic violence. Being abused by someone who is supposed to love and take care of you can be extremely detrimental.

A woman who probably knows this all too well endured abuse at the hands of her boyfriend over a period of three days last April. On April 10, the 45-year-old man told her that he would slit her throat with a knife and sexually harm her after he had placed a pillowcase over her head. He also told her he had dug a hole in the woods and threatened to bury her in it.

The couple visited a psychiatrist for treatment of the man’s agitation on April 12. The psychiatrist prescribed medication which the man took before going to bed that night. Sometime during the night, he woke up and started beating his girlfriend with a belt and then a broken broom handle.

The man was arrested and charged with domestic violence. During his trial, he said he had been sleepwalking and in an altered state of mind when the abuse was happening. The judge evidently did not buy it, because he found the man guilty of the domestic violence offenses.

The woman who was the victim of domestic violence may wish to speak with a family law attorney about her rights to ensure that she is legally protected. After all that she has been through, it may give her some piece of mind to do so.

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