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Sperm donor ordered to pay child support

With today’s advancing technology, the laws regarding paternity, maternity and child support in North Carolina can get a bit complicated. Not too long ago, the question of who was the father or mother of a child was pretty clear cut, but with the possibility of sperm and egg donations along with surrogate mothers, a whole new world of legal considerations was opened up.

A sperm donor was recently ordered to pay child support in Kansas, even though he said he signed documents forfeiting his parental rights to the child. The man answered an ad on Craigslist in 2009 placed by a lesbian couple who were looking for a sperm donor. He said that before he donated his sperm, he signed papers indicating that he would have no financial responsibility for the child. He then gave the couple three cups of his sperm.

The baby was born in December 2009, but the lesbian couple eventually separated. When one of them became sick and unable to work, she applied for aid from the state. The state in turn contacted the man in order for him to pay child support.

A judge ordered the man to pay child support, saying that because a physician was not present when the insemination occurred, any agreement between him and the couple was void. This is because without a doctor, there was no way to document if the man was really a sperm donor or the mother’s lover. He may also be required to pay the state the $4,000 it has already spent.

Source: CNN, “Kansas court says sperm donor must pay child support,” Chandrika Narayan, Jan. 24, 2014