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Michael Lohan ordered to pay $3,800 for son's education costs

When a couple with children divorces in Ballantyne, North Carolina, the non-custodial parent is typically ordered to pay child support, depending on the circumstances. He or she may also be ordered to pay a portion of the other expenses related to raising the child like daycare expenses, schooling costs and medical bills. These expenses can really add up, so when one parent does not pay the portion for which he or she is responsible, it can put the other parent in financial distress.

Michael Lohan, father of actress Lindsey Lohan, is in trouble for not paying his portion of his 17-year-old’s education costs to the boy’s mother, Dina Lohan. The boy is enrolled in a private Catholic school in New York. This is not the first time the two exes have fought over child support. Dina filed for divorce in 2005 after 20 years of marriage.

Michael claims he already gave Dina $30,000 toward their son’s education and purchased a car for him. In addition, he says during the last two years he paid an extra $1,500 every month to Dina and gave their daughter $35,000 for her rent.

Dina filed court documents recently in which she said that Michael was not paying his portion of their son’s $10,000-a-year tuition. Although she claimed that he owed $20,000 because he had not paid anything for the last three years, the court ruled that he was required to pay her $3,800. If he did not, he would have a warrant put out for his arrest.

Source: Daily Mail, “Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael ‘faces arrest unless he pays back child support to ex-wife Dina,’” June 1, 2014