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Domestic violence offenders may be ordered to wear tracking unit

Every year in North Carolina, thousands of people are the victims of domestic violence. In 2012 alone, 122 people in North Carolina were killed as a result of domestic violence. These numbers are disturbing, especially because they represent crimes between family members, the very people we are supposed to be able to trust the most.

One county in North Carolina aims to do something about preventing reoccurring domestic violence attacks. Officials in Buncombe County have proposed that dangerous domestic violence offenders be ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device. Authorities hope to prevent incidents of violence like the one that occurred in 2012 when a man was charged with assault against his girlfriend. Though the terms of his probation said that he should not make any contact with the woman, he hit her with his car and then went to South Carolina to hide. He eventually came back and shot the woman in the head, leaving her blinded in one eye.

The tracking units would enable law enforcement and victims of domestic violence to know the whereabouts of the offender in real time. If he or she crossed boundaries that are placed around a victim’s home or place of employment, authorities and the victim would be alerted. Proponents of the system believe that if offenders know their whereabouts are being recorded, they are less likely to approach their victims.

If you have been a victim of domestic violence, you may wish to speak with an attorney experienced in family law. Doing so may enable you to receive protection from your abuser.

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