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Beware the dangers of social media during divorce

While it might seem difficult to comprehend, the proliferation of social media sites has actually made a significant impact on the field of family law here in Charlotte. During divorce proceedings, separating couples often remain very guarded with their actual thoughts and feelings. Yet when they’re away from the legal proceedings, those involved in a divorce dispute will often do what many of the over 1.7 billion others around the world that eMarketer estimates are currently using social media sites do: share deeply personal feelings and experiences through posts, tweets, and comments. What those who do this often don’t understand is that such information can be used against them during disputes involving child custody, alimony, or property division.

While one’s social media posts may seem completely harmless in the online sharing community, the legal authorities that review divorce petitions may actually see them as contradicting the claims one has made during court sessions. For example, a family law judge may be less apt to believe a man is unable to afford spousal support payments if he just recently posted a picture of himself online posing in front of his brand new car.

Because of the potential damage that social media posts can have on divorce proceedings, it’s strongly recommended that those involved in such proceedings give up social media altogether until their cases have been resolved. Those who continue to use social media are encouraged to avoid posting such things as:

  • Relationship statuses
  • Controversial social or political views
  • Stories or images from parties and social gatherings
  • Threatening statements
  • Information regarding one’s current employment or financial status

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