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How can you help your children to accept your remarriage?

For many in Charlotte, the pain that comes from a divorce often lingers for many years. That pain can come from a variety of sources. Among the most prevalent is that felt from children who have difficulty accepting their parents' separation. Yet as is the case with many other of facets of life, the only way to overcome that pain is to attempt to move on.

Part of moving on may include finding a new romantic interest that rekindles one's faith in marriage. Data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that nearly 50 percent of men and 45 percent of women in America remarry within five years of a divorce. When the topic of remarriage comes up, one may fear how his or her children will react to such a prospect. If you happen to be preparing to have this discussion with your children, here are some tips to follow to help them better accept this latest transition in their lives:

  • Be sensitive to their emotions: Your decision could easily be seen by them as you trying to replace the role your ex-spouse still holds in their lives. Be mindful of this when talking to them about it.
  • Stress that it changes nothing about their relationship with your ex: Your kids need to know that your new spouse will not supplant your former spouse's position within your individual family.
  • Encourage them to get to know their new parent: Your children's acceptance of your new husband or wife may be a lot easier if they truly know the kind of person he or she is.

The initial discussion about your remarriage may not be an easy one, but with effort and time, your children may find ample room their hearts for your new spouse.