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The relationship between alimony and divorce

Divorces can come with a lot of potential issues when it comes to division of assets. This can include physical things like property, houses and so on. It can also include things like wages. This is where alimony may come into play.

There are many different types of spousal support payment plans, as stated by the Judicial Branch of California. The plans available to any couple may change based on the state that they live in. There are also many different options in each state. Because of this, a divorcing couple will likely be able to find a payment plan that will work with their salaries, budgets, and relationship. For example, there are both indirect and direct payments. With indirect payments there is no need for contact in between the parties, as the one paying alimony pays the utilities or mortgage directly instead of paying the ex-spouse.

The Franchise Tax Board has stated that regardless of where the couple is located, alimony is usually ordered of the spouse that has the higher pay rate. This is especially true if the other partner in question was financially dependent on their spouse through the course of their relationship and may need a little bit of help getting to their feet. Alimony is also paid in addition to retirement benefits and property settlements. Child support is separate from alimony as well, meaning that someone may have to pay both alimony and child support depending on their situation.

Alimony may be difficult for some couples to work through depending on the nature of their divorce. However, there are enough different options to allow most couples to find a solution that works for them.