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Warning signs that a marriage may end in divorce

Before resorting to a divorce, many couples in Charlotte may attempt other measures to keep their marriage intact. These may include getting relationship counseling or seeking individual therapy. However, these attempts do not always work, and some marriages fail despite both spouses doing all they can.

In fact, states a relationship expert in the Huffington Post, marriage counseling is usually unsuccessful, at least for those whose relationships have degenerated to the point where they are miserable. Is it possible to know when a marriage is destined to fail? When does one realize that attempts to save it are likely to be fruitless and a divorce is the better option?

There are numerous signs that a marriage may be in irreversible trouble, according to Family Education. It may be time to contact a family law attorney if a couple experiences several of the following marriage issues:

  • No longer being physically or sexually attracted to the other partner
  • A feeling of mutual disrespect or dislike
  • An inability or unwillingness to compromise
  • Constantly bringing up past fights or hurtful remarks
  • Everything turning into a fight, even minor issues
  • Having different ethical or moral values

Occasionally experiencing a few of the above issues, or even having them on a regular basis, does not necessarily mean without a doubt that the marriage is ending. However, it can help to know the warning signs to look out for, either for the purpose of getting in touch with an attorney or seeking help to salvage the marriage.