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There is no better feeling for most people than seeing the ink dry on their divorce decree, as it means all the underlying legal issues have been resolved and they are finally free to start the next chapter of their life.

Indeed, for many the physical and emotional toll exacted by the divorce process may have been so great that they have no desire to ever discuss another matter with a legal professional or even set foot in a courtroom.

While this mindset is certainly understandable, as divorce can be a taxing process, it may perhaps be unrealistic. That's because things in life can -- and do -- change.

For instance, a child's educational needs may change, a job can suddenly be lost, a serious illness can develop, or a former spouse may have to move across the country for work.

When situations like these arise, a person will then likely find themselves with no other choice but to seek the services of a legal professional, as they will either want to pursue a necessary modification to a divorce decree or challenge any proposed modification.

What a person does have a choice about, however, is seeking the services of a legal professional with the skill, experience and tenacity needed to handle modifications of everything from child custody and visitation to alimony and child support.

In these scenarios, they needn't look any further than Epperson Law PLLC.

Founding attorney James Epperson has more than two decades of experience, including three years in the U.S. Navy JAG Corps. As such, he knows what it takes to build compelling cases for respondents and claimants alike in modification actions.