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Appropriately asking for a prenup

Far too many people have come to see us here at the offices of Epperson Law facing the potential of losing a good portion of the assets they’ve worked so hard to earn simply because they couldn’t stomach asking their partner for a prenuptial agreement. However, if done appropriately, there may be a way for Charlotte couples to broach the subject of signing a prenup without it devolving into an argument that threatens to doom a marriage before it even begins. We’ll examine how in this post.

Keeping the discussion positive will help to avoid the potential for hurt feelings and for it to turn into a fight. Adhering to the following advice can help to do that:

  • Be honest: One’s partner may feel patronized if he or she believes that the reasons given for having a prenup are insincere. Thus, the one asking for it should be open and honest about his or her financial concerns.
  • Be prepared to listen: This can’t be a one-sided discussion. One should ask for feedback to such a request and then truly listen to it. Often, simply displaying the willingness to listen may be enough to convey sincerity.
  • Don’t issue demands: One shouldn’t begin this discussion by demanding a prenup. Instead, it’s better to approach it by framing the conversation as an examination of the financial futures of both sides.

Once one has worked up the courage to talk about this with his or her partner, he or she may be pleasantly surprised at the reception. A 2010 Harris Poll whose results were shared by the Huffington Post shows that 44 percent of American singles believe having a prenuptial agreement is a good idea.

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