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Knowing these 3 things will help you navigate your divorce

North Carolina residents who are thinking about getting a divorce will have a lot of information in their heads. Some of that information will be true and some of it will be very false. Following are some common divorce misconceptions that those considering divorce should strive to erase from their minds immediately.

One common myth is the idea that the spouse who commits adultery will lose all of his or her possessions in the divorce process. While it is certainly a possibility that cheating on a spouse will result in divorce proceedings, it will not cause a North Carolina resident to lose his or her children, assets, home or basic rights during a divorce. That said, if adultery is committed, in combination with a wasteful way of spending marital assets, it could affect the way that marital assets are distributed between the spouses.

Another common misconception is the idea that a divorce petition could be denied. Technically speaking, spouses who file for divorce are asking for permission from a judge to grant the divorce. However, this does not mean that people could be forced to spend the rest of their lives with their marital partner. After child custody, visitation issues, and financial concerns have been tended to -- either through trial or out-of-court settlement -- the divorce request will always be granted.

Finally, there is a perception that mothers will always receive the custody of the children. In the past, there was a tendency to award custody to mothers, but these days the trend is toward giving parents equal time with the children. That said, the ultimate issue in these decisions is, according to North Carolina courts, the best interest of the child or children involved. Therefore, a lot of child custody arrangements are possible as courts strive to practically serve the best interests of the child or children above all else.

It is important for those considering divorce to educate themselves on common misunderstandings, or "myths" for lack of a better word, that surround the divorce process -- and there are certainly a lot more misconceptions than those addressed in this article. Hiring the services of an experienced North Carolina divorce lawyer is an excellent way to stay completely informed in this regard.

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