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Quick review of North Carolina divorce laws

Every state, including North Carolina, will honor a marriage certificate issued by another state. That means that every state will divorce a married couple that has an out-of-state marriage certificate. However, because each state has different laws that pertain to divorce, couples may want to review what those rules and regulations are before pulling the trigger on their divorce proceedings.

In the state of North Carolina, for a couple to file for divorce here, one or more of the individuals must show that he or she has been a resident of the state for at least six months prior to filing for divorce. As such, if a couple has recently moved to North Carolina and wants to get a divorce, the couple will either need to wait or return to the previous state of residence for the divorce to be handled there.

North Carolina is known as a "no-fault" state, and in order for couples to qualify for a no-fault divorce, they must show that they have been separated from each other for at least one year. There are also other grounds for a divorce to be approved. Those include cruelty or violence, drug or alcohol addiction, desertion or abandonment, incurable insanity, divorce from bed and board, adultery and the creation of conditions that subject a spouse to indignities that cause his or her life to be burdensome/intolerable.

There are other nuances related to divorce in our state that couples may want to be aware of. In many cases, these nuances of North Carolina divorce law could apply to the couple's unique situation. Individuals who are considering divorce can learn more about the divorce process and associated laws from a North Carolina barred family law attorney.

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