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Establishing paternity in North Carolina

We hear so many cases in the news of supposed "deadbeat" fathers trying to skirt their parental responsibilities, failing to pay child support and failing to spend time with their children. However, what if your situation is exactly the opposite? What if you're completely willing and desiring to care for your child and support his or her financial well-being, but the mother of your child is preventing you from doing so?

This kind of scenario -- where a mother tries to say that you are not the father of your own child -- is not that uncommon. Indeed, some mothers want to keep their children to themselves and pretend that the father does not exist. If the mother is financially stable herself, she might even forgo the chance to receive child support payments and flat-out deny that you are the father of the child. This kind of scenario is definitely sad, and -- with modern paternity testing technology -- it does not have to be permanent.

There is a process by which fathers can establish paternity in North Carolina and it usually involves a blood test and DNA testing. When the father can prove to the court through a DNA test that he is the father of his child, he can then gain parental rights. Those rights might even include partial custody of the child. In fact, the father might even be able to get the right to have his child spend half the time with him and half the time with the mother -- or make some other kind of arrangement depending on the circumstances.

At Epperson Law, PLLC, we know that most dads are more than excited and eager to support their children financially and emotionally. If you are being denied the ability to care for your child, we may be able to help.