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Guidance on social media and family law matters

Did you know your social media profiles could play a role in your divorce or other family law matter? In fact, we've noticed that social media crops up in approximately half of the family law cases we handle in the state. Social media can work for you or against you during such cases.

While deactivating social media accounts is often a best bet during family law cases, we know that not everyone is willing or able to do this. If you will keep using your social media accounts during your case, then it's important to follow some basic guidelines to reduce the amount of evidence or potential evidence that can be gathered by other parties from your social media.

First, make sure you understand the privacy settings of whatever platform you are using. Facebook lets you protect many of your posts from public view and lets you block certain people. However, if you post on a friend's page or tag a friend in a photo, then it's possible anyone who is friends with that person can now see that information. This can be a concern when you are engaging with friends who are also friends of your ex.

Second, if you are involved in a child custody or support matter, it's actually a good idea to keep your kids off social media altogether. Not only can this help prevent issues with your case, it also removes the perception or possibility that children become objects in a virtual game of control online.

Finally, if you wouldn't want something to be read or shown in court, or read or shown to your kids, then keep it off social media. You might also need to be vigilant in asking friends to do the same for you. Our firm works with you to help build strategies for family law success, and that includes offering guidance on how social media should and shouldn't be used during your case.