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Asking for temporary alimony in a divorce

When it comes to pursuing alimony in a North Carolina divorce, many individuals are hesitant. For example, spouses sometimes think that they are overstepping their bounds, and others will judge them for asking to receive alimony from the other spouse. However, if a spouse has the right to receive alimony under the law, there is no reason why he or she should be shy to do so. Indeed, alimony laws exist for a very important reason.

The most important reason for alimony is to prevent undue suffering by a spouse who is trapped in a marriage for financial reasons. Let's say a spouse is married to a well-to-do person and has enjoyed a high quality of life for years due to the other spouse's income and/or position of wealth. Perhaps, however, the relationship is extremely toxic, the spouses are constantly fighting and the less-moneyed spouse is extremely unhappy. Even though it may be best to end the marriage, the less-moneyed spouse could feel compelled to stay in the marriage for financial reasons. Perhaps the spouse does not have the professional education, training, skill-level or experience to find a job and be financially independent.

Alimony laws strive to eliminate situations like the one above by providing spouses with a bridge of financial support. In this respect, temporary alimony is meant to provide spouses with monetary payments for a sufficient amount of time to finance the completion of education and training geared toward achieving financial independence.

North Carolina residents who are contemplating divorce but are worried that they may not be able to support themselves financially after the divorce, may therefore want to consider whether they could qualify to receive alimony payments. Alimony is awarded in two forms in North Carolina: temporary alimony and permanent alimony. By speaking with a divorce attorney, spouses can determine which kind of alimony they might be able to seek.