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Prenuptial agreements: They just make sense

Prenuptial agreements make perfect sense from a logical perspective, but what North Carolina couple enters their marriage believing it could eventually end in divorce? For most couples in love, the idea that they'll ever willingly part ways seems like an impossibility. Nevertheless, statistics tell a different story.

Considering the high rate of divorce in the United States and North Carolina, one can view prenuptial agreements in a very positive light. These documents are actually a way to honor the love that a couple has for each other now, and protect the couple from falling into an ugly divorce battle should their feelings ever change. A prenuptial agreement can help couples separate peacefully, respectfully, quickly and cost-effectively.

On average, North Carolina residents tend to view prenuptial agreements as tools for rich spouses to protect their wealth and assets from being taken by the less-moneyed spouse. Yet these documents are much more than a way to shield the assets of a wealthy person. Prenuptial agreements are "action plans" that will be engaged if one side of a marriage decides it's time to bring the union to a close.

Within this "action plan," the spouses will usually agree to the following elements:

-- Child custody;

-- Child support;

-- Alimony; and

-- Asset division.

Even spouses who have equal financial assets going into marriage, or spouses with no financial assets, can benefit from a prenuptial agreement. If you and your spouse are curious about creating a prenuptial agreement for your marriage, a North Carolina family law attorney can advise you on the most important elements to include in the document.