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Do you want to relocate with your child?

Imagine you, your child and your husband moved to North Carolina when your husband got a new job. It was a lucrative contract for your husband, and your family's quality of life skyrocketed because your husband started to make a lot more money. The problem is, things soon went south in your marriage and you got a divorce.

Even worse, since you got a divorce in North Carolina, you're bound to stay in the state near your children. Essentially, you're trapped in a state that you didn't want to live in -- and you're far away from your parents, brothers and sisters who live in Kentucky. What you desperately want is to move back to Kentucky with your child, but the divorce decree prevents you from doing so. Is there a way around this? Can you successfully appeal to the court to let you relocate with your child?

If your husband won't let you move back to Kentucky with your child, and the divorce decree or divorce settlement doesn't allow you to move without your ex's permission, you could be out of luck -- unless you can convince the court. In order to convince the court of your move, you'll have to prove that the move will be in the best interest of your child. Maybe you got a good job offer that will give your child a better quality of life, or maybe your child will have a better support network in Kentucky through his or her grandparents and other relatives.

Whatever the reason for your move with your child, you need to satisfy what's called the "good faith burden of proof" that the move will benefit your child. This might not be easy to do, but with sound legal planning, your chances of success will certainly improve.

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