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What does a custodial parent look like?

In order to qualify to receive child custody payments in North Carolina -- whether you're a mother or a father -- you will need to establish that the "paying parent" is in fact the legal parent of your child. In addition, you will also need to show that you're the "custodial parent" of your child. But what is a custodial parent?

The custodial parent is the one that cares for the child's daily living needs. The child will also live with the custodial parent. Let's say, for example, that you're a single dad and you recently went through a divorce. Your 10-year-old son lives with you full-time. You make his meals. You take him to school and arrange for daycare. You take him to soccer practice and an infinite amount more. If your parenting situation is something like this, then you likely qualify as the custodial parent, and you may be entitled to receive child support from the other parent.

Sometimes, child custody is shared half-and-half, and both parents have equal custody. The child might live exactly half the time with one parent, and half the time with the other parent in these situations. Even in cases where there are two custodial parents, if the mother or father of your child earns a great deal more than you, then you might be able to qualify for child support help.

North Carolina parents who question whether they are the custodial parent -- and want to know more about how to receive child support payments from their exes -- may want to reach out to a family law attorney. The family law attorneys at Epperson Law, LLC, are available to speak with any parents about their child support and child custody concerns.