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Are you worried you'll lose everything in your divorce?

It's terrifying to think that the person you once loved -- the person who backed you and supported you in everything you did -- would try to gain the upper hand against you during a divorce. However, when North Carolina spouses go through the divorce process, it's not always pretty.

At Epperson Law, PLLC, we have represented spouses reach out-of-court divorce agreements and resolve complex asset division puzzles quickly, peacefully and cost effectively. We have also represented spouses who can't seem to agree on even the simplest of asset division decisions.

Some North Carolina spouses in the throes of a difficult divorce can become fearful that they'll lose everything -- even their family heirloom jewelry. At Epperson Law, PLLC, part of our job is to prevent our clients from falling into fear, and to help our clients feel as calm and peaceful as possible throughout their divorce process. We do this by educating our clients about their legal rights and what they should expect during their divorces.

For a client who's concerned about asset division, we explain that North Carolina is an equitable distribution state. What this means is that family law judges will try to arrive at an asset distribution plan that's "fair" to both sides of the divorce. This means that equitable asset division is not always 50-50. It will honor the fact that both spouses went into the marriage with individual property that will not be subject to division. It will also honor the contribution of both spouses to the marital estate.

As far as your family heirloom jewelry is concerned, you better believe that you have the legal right to keep it. If your marital property rights are threatened in any way during your divorce, Epperson Law, PLLC, will use every legal strategy available to aggressively advocate on your behalf.