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How to Break a Divorce to Your Kids

You’ve been thinking about divorce for a long time now, and you’re finally ready to start the process; however, you’re worried about how your kids will respond to the news. Unfortunately, studies show that kids typically don’t respond well to a divorce announcement. Therefore, Epperson Law Firm is here to help you break the news to your kids in the best way possible.

1. Do it With Your Spouse

You and your spouse should break the news together. Showing your kids that you both agree with this decision helps them get the sense that the divorce is what’s best for you as a couple. Additionally, breaking the news together gives the impression that there aren’t “sides” to take, just news to share.

2. Be Honest About What’s Going to Happen

Kids may be young, but they’re surprisingly smart for their ages. Your kids will naturally have questions about what’s going to happen after the divorce — this is where you need to be honest. Tell your kids the plans for future living situations and that the other parent won’t be around all the time.

This might seem like too much to share at the beginning, but sharing bad news is like removing band-aids, it’s better to get it done all at once instead of slowly over time.

3. Let Your Kids Have Their Emotions

If your kids have negative emotions about the news, don’t try to stop them from feeling what they need to feel. While you and your spouse may feel right about the split, children don’t have the emotional reasoning to see that it’s for the best. Therefore, it’s critical you let them be emotional, as grieving the situation is only natural.

We hope this post helps you break the news to your kids in a way that’s effective and honest. It’s not going to be easy, but how you give the news can shape the next few months and the years to come.

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