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Board Certified Specialist Steve Ockerman Discusses Family Law

Here at Epperson Law Group, my specialty is family law. I'm a board-certified specialist in family law. And I've practiced family law exclusively for the past 16 years. And I've practiced law for 24 years. We represent all types of people-- mothers, fathers, grandparents-- anyone that has a family law issue, we represent them. When someone comes into our office, our top priority is to listen to them, to find out what they want and help them get what they want. When someone comes to see me, they're at their lowest point. And I like to tell them-- and it's true-- that at some point, with our help, the clouds will part, the sun will shine, and the birdies will tweet. And that's the part that I really enjoy. I practice with a lot of intensity, passion, and energy. I like my cases. I like helping my clients. And I like the results. What's important to me that my class remember about me and what they tell me they remember about me is that I'm aggressive, I fight for them, and I care about them.