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Order of Enforcements Related To Child Support Or Custody

If the court has awarded child support and your ex-spouse refuses to pay that child support, the way that you enforce that court order is through a contempt action. You ask the court to hold that person in contempt and to order them to do certain things, such as pay the back support, and even pay your attorney's fees for having to sue to enforce that order. The other side of that coin is that if a court has an ordered you to pay child support, it's a very good idea to follow a court's order because not following the court's order may result in a filing of contempt against you, and ultimately even jail time. Child custody and child support orders are not really permanent in that they can be modified by a court at any time. You have to show that there's been a substantial change of circumstances since the court order was entered. And if you can do that, the court may modify that order. If a person is behind on their child support payments, it may be that they need to modify their order, and we can help them do that. In the meantime, they should pay as much as they can, but we can help you modify that order so that your payments are lower.