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Steve Ockerman Discusses The Dangers Of Domestic Violence

The way you find out if you've been sued for domestic violence is typically, you're served by the sheriff an order that says you cannot return to the home. When that happens, you need to call an attorney immediately. Time is not your friend when you've been sued for domestic violence. And you need to call us right away. A domestic violence protective order is one of the most powerful orders that a judge can enter. It can affect your property rights. It can affect who you associate with. It can keep you out of your house. A judge can both order a civil order that says you can or cannot do certain things. But you can also be charged criminally and prosecuted by the district attorney's office for a misdemeanor crime, in some cases, or even a felony. It's important when that happens that you find an attorney and speak with an attorney that can protect your interests in both types of cases. And we do that. Here at Epperson Law Group, we have over 70 years of combined experience involving domestic violence protective orders, both seeking them as well as defending against them.