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Property Division in a Charlotte or Weddington Divorce

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Property division is a large part of separating from your spouse. You may have spent years accumulating investments, debts, and property. Equitable or fair interests in all of these assets will need to be distributed when you are going through a divorce. Your equitable distribution agreement will be based on the values and ownership of both your separate property and marital property.

At Epperson Law Group, PLLC, our Charlotte divorce attorneys assist clients in the full variety of divorce circumstances, from complex, high net worth divorces to divorces involving relatively few assets. In any case, navigating the complexities of property division with an experienced lawyer is imperative. Your property division agreement will affect and be affected by most other agreements in your divorce.

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Equitable Distribution of Property

North Carolina courts implement the principle of equitable distribution of property in divorces. Once the courts decide what is marital property and what is separate property, they will work to divide marital property equally between spouses. The valuations of separate property and any property you both agree not to divide, such as a family business or the marital home, will also affect your final property division agreement.

It may not be sensible to liquefy all assets in divorce. If one spouse wants to continue operating a business alone and the other wants to retain the marital home, this can be arranged equitably, as can the ownership and distribution of other assets. As our Charlotte divorce lawyers work with you, we will develop a plan that protects your interests, your immediate goals, and your long-term financial stability.

Deviating from the 50-50 Distribution Presumption

In some situations, the courts may decide to deviate from a 50-50 split of marital property. Such deviations may occur due to:

  • A spouse's inability to replenish assets: This applies when a spouse left a career to care for children or further the other spouse's career and is unable to immediately earn a self-supporting income.
  • Adultery: Infidelity may cause the court to award more property to the innocent spouse.
  • Non-marital assets or separate property: A court may deviate and award a spouse more property if the other spouse has significant non-marital assets, like an inheritance.

Marital debts will be divided equally, unless the court is persuaded otherwise.

Put a Skilled Charlotte Divorce Attorney in Your Corner

When it comes to property division in your divorce, you need a skilled advocate in your corner. With over 70 years of combined experience, our Charlotte divorce attorneys are well-equipped to protect your financial interests and assets in your divorce. We serve Charlotte and the surrounding areas across the state, including Weddington and Boone.

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