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Let’s Talk About Bigamy

When you’ve decided your marriage is over and have mentally moved on, coming to terms with the fact that you still have to put a legal end to the relationship can be a tough hurdle for some. It can be tiring, stressful, depressing, and angering all at the same time. Few people look forward to…

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Creating a Postmarital Agreement Is a Smart Decision

The world has changed a lot over the last several decades, especially when it comes to certain views related to marriage. Financial topics used to be virtually taboo to discuss, as was the subject of divorce. However, with many more marriages ending in divorce these days, couples need to take a smart business approach to…

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Separation Agreements: Not for Do-It-Yourselfers

First, a request; please don’t use a separation agreement from the internet. “Do-It-Yourself” legal documents, whether posted as templates or as samples by people that mean well, are not problem-solvers. They are problem-causers. We frequently see clients with separation agreements they believed were well-constructed and fit their particular situation, but in reality, the document was…

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Dividing Retirement Plans – The QDRO

When you and your spouse divorce, your marital assets and debts will be divided between you. Often, the marital assets of greatest value are retirement plans, including pensions and profit-sharing plans such as 401(k)s. Unfortunately, dividing retirement assets is not usually as simple as transferring money from one account to another, or “cashing out” an…

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Issues Specific to Military Divorces

Serving your country is one of the most admirable occupations someone can choose. It’s also fraught with hardship. Many members of the military marry – and often, they marry young, which means their young spouses and children also serve and sign on to endure long-term absenteeism of their spouse. Both parties in a military marriage…

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