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Steve Ockerman Discusses The Separation Agreement Process

A separation agreement is a contract between spouses in which they resolve certain issues related to the marriage and the separation-- for example, child custody, child support, division of property and debt. There is no court involvement in a separation agreement process. It's a negotiation between the parties, an agreement, and a contract. Separation agreements typically are something that people like to do because they maintain control of their case. They maintain control of the issues. It's a little less contentious, typically, than litigation. It can be cheaper, faster, and less emotionally trying than having to have a court involved in your case deciding these issues for you. One of the difficult aspects of separation agreements is that it does require the parties to cooperate with each other and to negotiate in good faith. An attorney can assist you with that in a very profound way. And here at Epperson Law Firm, we are extremely experienced, both in negotiation and completing the separation agreements.