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Parenting and child custody: Are you doing all the work?

Imagine you share physical and joint custody of your children with your ex. However, your ex isn't pulling his or her weight. You're the one who takes the kids to get their haircuts. You're the one who takes them back-to-school shopping. You're the one who takes them to the doctor and drives them to their school activities and does all the laundry. Is there anything you can do to get your ex to start contributing more?

Health of children incentive to play nice during divorce

A recent study published by Carnegie Mellon University showed that children who had to endure messy divorces have a higher chance of catching a cold later in life. University researchers exposed over 200 adults with the cold virus to determine if stressful childhoods affect immune systems into adulthood.

What does 'sole custody' mean?

If a North Carolina family law court awards you sole custody of your child, it generally means that you have exclusive legal custody and physical custody of your child. It's not that common for a judge to award one parent sole custody during divorce proceedings, but it may happen if the other parent is seen as unfit to fulfill the role of mother or father. Drug addiction, child abuse and having committed violent crimes could be potential reasons for a parent to be stripped of his or her parental rights.

How a single North Carolina mother of 6 makes ends meet

Single parents do not have it easy. They have to spend the majority of their free time taking care of their children, and the other parent may or may not be present to help ease that burden. One single mother in Burlington, North Carolina, has a challenge that exceeds what most human beings might be able to endure. She has six children, and her ex-husband only has limited visitation rights.

Do you want to move to another state with your child?

You may not want to live in North Carolina for your entire life, but if you share children with an ex-spouse, you could be legally bound to remain in a specific area of the county. This does not mean that you can't get permission to move away with your children. It just means that you'll have a few legal hurdles to jump through before you can relocate out of state.

Lawmakers want to curb child dumping

Most North Carolina residents wouldn't judge a pet owner for giving his or her pet over to the care of a stranger. The "rehoming" of pets seems to make sense if the owner can't seem to cope with the responsibility. However, when it comes to a child, rehoming is a serious matter that should never be done so casually. Nevertheless, North Carolina law actually allows parents to pass their children off to strangers like this.

3 points mothers must know about child custody and support

Protecting your children is one of the reasons why people know you as a mama bear. This drive to protect your children is a big part of why you will think so hard about every decision that you face while you are going through a child custody and support issues during a divorce. Knowing some basic points about child custody and support can help you to feel more comfortable as you go through the process.

What is the legal definition of joint custody?

Are you engaged in a child custody lawsuit and fighting for your right to have joint custody? It's important that you understand exactly what joint custody means under the law. That is because there are two types of child custody that parents hold, and North Carolina parents may want to have joint custody under both of these types of custodial scenarios: legal custody and physical custody.

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