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Is the 60-40 child custody plan right for your children?

There’s a trend that’s growing in family law courts throughout the United States that involves awarding two parents shared and equal custody of their children. These parenting arrangements often result in children spending half the time with one parent and half the time with the other parent. The logistical challenges of having parents live in two different homes have resulted in numerous types and varieties of shared custody arrangements, which North Carolina parents may choose to employ. This article will discuss what the 60-40 plan looks like.

The 60-40 parenting plan involves the children staying with one parent 60 percent of the time and the other parent 40 percent of the time. Here are two incarnations of the 60-40 plan:

  • The 3-4 day split: In this plan, the children will spend three days with one parent and four days with the other. Those days could be divided during any time of the week. Perhaps each month, the children will switch days so that, over time, the children are spending an equal number of weekends with both parents.
  • The every-long-weekend plan: In this plan, one parent will have the children every weekend for three days. Perhaps it will be Friday-Saturday-Sunday, or Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Then the other parent will have the children during the four weekdays.

It’s important to note that just because the child is technically with one parent for more days each week, it does not mean that the child will spend more face-to-face time with that parent. School schedules and work schedules need to be considered to evaluate how much real time the child will be with both parents to ensure that the split is fair. A divorce and family law attorney in North Carolina can help you evaluate your 60-40 plan — in addition to providing other options and solutions — to determine the most suitable child custody plan to meet your needs.


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