Appraise Your Business To Protect Your Business

To divide business assets in divorce, those assets must be properly appraised for accurate distribution. In some cases, a family business can no longer operate without the partnership of the spouses, which may warrant liquidation or selling the business.

However, if your business in North Carolina can survive divorce, dividing the assets is often not preferred to dividing interest in the business or compensating one spouse for the value of their share of the business.

It is important that you make such evaluations and plans with counsel from an experienced divorce lawyer. It is equally important for that lawyer to have extensive experience managing and representing the interests of high net worth divorce clients.

At Epperson Law PLLC, each of our attorneys brings you 24 years of legal experience. Both James Epperson and Steve Ockerman are former U.S. Military JAG Corps officers who manage high-asset divorce cases throughout North Carolina.

Business valuation in divorce is equally important whether you are a business owner or the spouse of one. A diligent and dedicated attorney will aggressively advocate for your best interests and fight to preserve your financial future once you have made informed decisions about your personal strategy in light of all aspects of your property division agreement.

Expert Valuation Of Your Business Assets

Business assets usually include much more than cash flow, equipment and real property:

  • Have you considered the value of bonds, equity, retained earnings and intellectual property?
  • Have you calculated debts and other obligations into the equation?

We collaborate with business valuation experts to gain a holistic picture of your firm's current standing and future projections. We evaluate your business assets with consideration for both marital property and separate property. We will fight to protect what is yours and secure fair settlement.

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We will help you plan for your future and achieve cost-effective resolution in all aspects of divorce.