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How to Hire a Family Law Firm

Divorce is an extremely traumatic experience.  At precisely the time in your life when you are the most vulnerable, you’re asked to make calm rational decisions about your economic and emotional future. If you have children, the trauma increases dramatically because children’s lives are turned upside down when their parents divorce. Some children feel responsible…

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Celebrity Divorces Can Be Pretty Harsh

It’s always hard when any couple divorces. A divorce means the end of a relationship and the end of the promise of living happily ever after. A divorce causes emotional trauma for everyone involved. The children suffer because they often have no control over the outcome and who will have custody. The financial trauma can…

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Toxic and Abusive Relationships May Start and End in Tragedy

Victims of domestic violence may endure years of abuse and manipulation before they finally leave. Some victims never leave, and families can suffer an immeasurable loss as a result. We recently read a story about a 20-year-old woman named Berfin Ozek, who had acid thrown on her by her ex-boyfriend when she left him. She…

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Is Adultery Grounds for Divorce in North Carolina?

It is probably one of the worst feelings in the world: discovering that your spouse is cheating on you with someone else. This sort of betrayal can have huge effects on you and your family. If you feel like you can no longer trust your spouse, and that their betrayal is just too much for…

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Can Cheating Affect Child Support?

While infidelity can ruin a relationship in an instant, it can be an especially charged situation when a child is involved. One particular case that has recently gone viral is a woman who found her child’s father was cheating on her while she was in labor. The woman on TikTok describes how her boyfriend at…

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Wife Asks Husband to Reimburse Her for Having a Child

While times have changed over the decades and women do more than just give birth and raise children, finances can look a bit differently in marriages. There are now two breadwinners and when a woman is pregnant, she will have to take time off of work, which means there is one less income for the…

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