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Divorcing an Addict

Maybe it starts on a smaller level. A wife may notice her husband has had too much to drink at a party, and she makes excuses for her husband’s erratic behavior. The next week, the same situation repeats itself. Within six months, the wife becomes accustomed to seeing her husband in a drunken state more…

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When Marriages End by Strategy

Not every divorce ends in a contentious battle to the emotional and financial death. For some couples the decision to go their separate ways, at least legally, can be a very difficult decision to make. When you think about a couple weighing the pros and cons to divorcing, you might picture them talking about their…

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Intentional Underemployment and Child Support

Many couples, even ones whose divorce is relatively amicable, may have a moment (or ten) where they briefly wonder, How can I get even with my soon-to-be ex-spouse? For some, though, it is more than a passing thought. It becomes a way of life to see how much trouble they can throw into the life…

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Once the Heat Is Gone, Can the Marriage Remain?

You are out for drinks with friends or just walking down the block from work to pick up lunch, but you make eye contact, exchange smiles and feel an instant spark with a total stranger. There is just no getting around the fact that the first thing that attracts two people to one another is…

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Your Rights in a Same-Sex Divorce in North Carolina

Since 2015, it has been legal in every state for LGBTQ+ individuals to marry. Gay and lesbian couples, however, often face unique issues and concerns that opposite-sex couples do not. These concerns can make the divorce process more challenging, especially when it comes to child custody and support. At Epperson Law Group, we believe that…

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What Are the Benefits of Equal Time-Sharing by Co-Parents?

There are 20 million single-parent households with kids in the US, and 16 million of those are single mothers. For these parents, trying to gain a financial foothold – especially when they are of the primary residential parent and caregiver of the children – can seem impossible. There has to be a better way. And…

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Hidden Assets and Tax Fraud: When Your Spouse Is Lying About Money

According to researchers from the IRS, Carnegie Mellon University, the London School of Economics, and the University of California Berkeley, high-income tax evasion is on the rise. One recent poll also concluded that 44% of people keep financial secrets from their partners. The reasons vary but typically center around a desire to control finances, shame…

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