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Will I Lose My Savings Account in My Divorce?

Many couples going through divorces have similar questions about their finances and belongings. Some wonder about losing their inherited real estate properties, while others worry that they may have to sell their expensive artwork. However, one of the most common questions our attorneys often receive is about savings accounts. Some spouses have been saving for…

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Challenging the Myth of the “Deadbeat” Dad

Child custody cases can be emotionally charged, often shaped by societal misconceptions and personal biases. Unfortunately, the young and impressionable minds of children are not immune to these effects. Depending on who controls the narrative, children in broken families can grow up believing falsehoods about one or both parents, shaping the entire course of their…

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Signs You Should Consider a Premarital Agreement

New relationships bring a lot of different feelings. You might become infatuated with your significant other and look at them through rose-colored glasses. What does this mean? It means that you might not be looking at their shortcomings or faults like you should, especially if you are considering spending the rest of your life with…

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Life Insurance Beneficiary Disputes: Who Gets the Payout?

Wills and life insurance policies can significantly impact the families of those who have passed away. Unfortunately, disagreements regarding these important documents can arise, leading to lengthy legal disputes. In particular, beneficiary disputes on life insurance policies are common, and they are often complex, overwhelming, and financially taxing on all parties involved. One story bringing…

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We’re Getting Divorced – But My Spouse Won’t Move Out

Actor Kevin Costner’s wife Christine filed for divorce in May, yet Costner claims she has not moved out of their home per the terms of their prenuptial agreement. According to the celebrity gossip site TMZ, “Kevin says according to their prenup, Christine had 30 days to vacate the home he owns when she filed for…

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Understanding the Details of Parental Kidnapping

Imagine the unthinkable happens. Your children are taken away from you, and you don’t know where they are. You don’t know if they are safe. Are they scared? Are they hungry? Are they hurt? The questions and fears multiply. It is a haunting scenario, one that no parent wants to experience. But, sometimes children are…

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