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What Are the Benefits of Equal Time-Sharing by Co-Parents?

There are 20 million single-parent households with kids in the US, and 16 million of those are single mothers. For these parents, trying to gain a financial foothold – especially when they are of the primary residential parent and caregiver of the children – can seem impossible. There has to be a better way. And…

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Hidden Assets and Tax Fraud: When Your Spouse Is Lying About Money

According to researchers from the IRS, Carnegie Mellon University, the London School of Economics, and the University of California Berkeley, high-income tax evasion is on the rise. One recent poll also concluded that 44% of people keep financial secrets from their partners. The reasons vary but typically center around a desire to control finances, shame…

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Understanding Coercive Control, and How it Leads to Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse often involves verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. However, it can also include manipulative, grooming-like behaviors that can create a situation that is challenging to leave. This is called “coercive control,” and it is often a precursor to physical or sexual abuse. Coercive control is defined as behavior that is strategic, oppressive, and terroristic.…

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North Carolina Continues to Fail Its Children

At some point, you have probably heard that 50% of marriage end in divorce. That is not really accurate, because it is averaging first marriage divorce rates with second (or more) marriage divorce rates, which skews the numbers. But there is one divorce statistic that is solid: between 70% and 80% of child marriages –…

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Who Pays for the Credit Cards in a Divorce?

If you ask divorced people what led to their marriage ending, you will hear a lot of different answers. Maybe they were poor communicators. Maybe they knew the marriage was a mistake from the start. Maybe they simply drifted away from one another. But the one reason that pops up the most is money. Few…

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