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Can You Disinherit Your Spouse in Charlotte?

When a person dies, their last wishes are observed by distributing their assets exactly as the deceased wanted as declared in their will. For example, if a husband passes, his will typically states that he wishes to leave his assets to his wife and children; but it can get complex. For example, say the husband…

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Do Anger Management Courses Actually “Fix” Domestic Abusers?

Domestic violence is often defined as abusive behaviors against intimate partners. The abuse can be physical, sexual, verbal, and/or psychological. It is also against the law in North Carolina. According to the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 63 homicides were committed in North Carolina due to domestic violence in 2021. In the United States,…

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Celebrity Divorces Can Be Pretty Harsh

It’s always hard when any couple divorces. A divorce means the end of a relationship and the end of the promise of living happily ever after. A divorce causes emotional trauma for everyone involved. The children suffer because they often have no control over the outcome and who will have custody. The financial trauma can…

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